1) What is the movement?

2) How to join?

3) How can we contribute?

4) Anyone can participate?

5) What is gained by this?

6) The movement is of a legal nature?

7) can be left to follow?


1) Universal Consciousness Movement is a straightforward idea to make the world a better place to live, addressing the differences, poverty and conflict, and preserve nature, leaving a legacy for children worldwide.


2) Just know our proposal, seeking to act as proposed and to disclose such a proposal, also contributing to the expansion of the movement.


3) In addition to attitudes, ideas and proposals, financial aid is always welcome, just click on the item or donation for membership.


4) Yes, regardless of creed, race, sex, age, nationality or politics, all are welcome ... the movement is for everyone.


5) Awareness, ecological sense, respect for cultural differences or ideas and a better lifestyle ... without bias.


6) Yes, all parameters are according to the law and is not permitted any illegal activities on behalf of the movement.


7) Yes, nobody has any obligation to move forward and all are free to express their ideas and opinions as well as follow or not this proposal